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Zasko S.R., Lud N.G., Prokoshin A.V., Shlyakhtunov E.A.
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of skin melanoma in Vitebsk region (1999–2013)

This article is based on the clinical and epidemiological study of melanoma incidence in Vitebsk region. The paper provides information on the skin melanoma morbidity over a period from 1999 till 2013. Permanent annual increase in the number of newly diagnosed cancer patients of this localization has been noticed. The increase of morbidity was observed in all age groups, the highest value was in the group over 75 years. The results of the analysis of the skin melanoma morbidity in the population living in Vitebsk region, depending on their age and gender as well as their place of residence are shown in this work.
Melanoma of the skin can develop on any part of the human body. This tumor is more often localized on the skin of the trunk – 37% in men and on the skin of the lower limbs – 31% in women. According to the results of our 18-year study its incidence was 51%  in urban patients and in those living in rural areas it made up 49%. The patients with the 2nd tumor stage dominate and make up 41% of all cases, the  1st stage of melanoma occurs in 35%, the 3rd and the 4th­ stages of melanoma are diagnosed in 14% and 10% of cases, correspondently. Melanoma was more frequently found in men and women aged 40 years and older.
The materials of the research are presented in tables and figures, which graphically reflect the significance of the given article.
Key words: melanoma, epidemiology.


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