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Vasyuta V.A.
Management of risk factors for optic nerve atrophy development on the basis of a system approach and integrated assessments
State Establishment "Neurosurgery institute named after A.P. Romodanov of the Ukrainian national academy of medical sciences", the Ukraine

Objectives. To analyze the main risk factors for optic nerve atrophy (ONA) development, to elaborate the organizational measures of systemic and individual prevention.
Material and methods. The basis for population study was the comparison of the prevalence of certain factors in the groups with and without ONA (case-control analysis) and the relative risk estimation.
Results. It has been determined that among environmental risk factors on significant excess of border-line permissible concentration (BPC) of pollutants in the air the leading role in the development of ONA belongs to the following factors: metals and their compounds, formaldehyde, ammonia, fluorine. Among the social risk factors the following ones prevail:  living in the industrial cities and low educational qualification. Medical risk factors for ONA are the presence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, type II diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis in the patients. System approach and integrated assessment of risk factors for ONA development can enable the determination of the basic mechanisms of risk factors management at different levels of their implementation (national, individual). At the state level, it is necessary: 1) to improve the management system and normative-legal regulation in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety; 2) to exercise state control over the observance of requirements of environmental legislation; 3) to implement state environmental programs, etc. At the individual level: the promotion of healthy life style, giving up smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse are necessary. The main measures of personal and social prevention of ONA have been also considered.
Conclusion. The made comprehensive analysis of risk factors for ONA development helps to determine the basic mechanisms of these risk factors management at different implementation levels.
Key words: optic nerve atrophy, factors, risk, prevention.


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