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"vestnik vsmu" 2016  vol 15 №1


Petrovich D.M., Kunder E.V., Volkova М.V.
The relationship between spondylarthrites and inflammatory bowels diseases

Novak N.V., Baytus N.A.
The analysis of physical-mechanical characteristics of hard dental tissues and filling materials

Pathologic physiology

Belyaeva L.E., Fedchenko A.N., Lazuko S.S., Ligetskaya I.V.
The introduction of fish oil in the diet of pregnant rats restricts the severity of their offsprings’ behaviour disorders due to the effect of stressors in the prenatal period

Histology, cytology, embryology

Dvoretsky E.O., Lesnichaya O.V., Senkovich S.A., Generalov I.I.
Automatic real time IHC nuclear markers assessment in histologic specimens of breast carcinoma

Internal medicine

Yupatov G.I., Pryshchepenka V.A., Kornilov A.V.
Hyaluronidase activity of blood serum in patients with hepatic cirrhosis

Pecherskaya M.S., Kozlovsky V.I., Eroshkina E.S.
Cognitive functions in patients with arterial hypertension of the 2nd degree and orthostatic hypotension


Kozlovsky V.I., Simanovich A.V.
Blood pressure long-term self-monitoring method. Focus on increasing the effectiveness of treatment

Obstetrics and gynecology

Zanko S.N., Nadirashvili T.D.
The evaluation of the prognosis of gestosis and placental disturbances development in pregnant women with arterial hypertension


Onegin E.V., Biardouskaya H.M., Domarenko T.N., Danilova G.S., Motyuk I.N.
Subacute necrotizing encephalomyelitis. Clinical observations

Clinical immunology, allergology

Moiseyeva A.M., Moiseyev D.V., Veremchuk O.A., Lukashov R.I., Syukhin D.A.
Medicines of monoclonal antibodies in the Republic of Belarus


Savelyeva N.N.
The character of changes in the population and subpopulation composition of the peripheral blood lymphocytes and Toll-receptors expression on the cells of patients with chronic generalized periodontitis of the 1st-2nd degree of severity, associated with parasitic invasions

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Khishova O.M., Dubashynskaya N.V., Adamenko Y.Y.
Production technology and quality assessment of liquid extract of valerian rhizomes and roots

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Famin A.V.
Hospital substitution technologies in surgery. Matters of teaching

Tserkovsky A.L.
Modern views on the problem of competitiveness



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