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"vestnik vsmu" 2016  vol 15 №4


Seregina V.A., Budritsky A.M.
Modern possibilities of  pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosing

Histology, cytology, embryology

Paplauskaya E.A.
Structural features of the interstitial tissue of the rats’ testes on exposure to bacterial lipopolysaccharide S. marcescens

Internal medicine

Akulionak A.U., Kozlovsky V.I.
Differentiated use of antihypertensive drugs: focus on endothelium and erythrocytes damage

Sirotka V.V.
Questions of instrumental diagnosis of reactive arthritis

Obstetrics and gynecology

Semenov D.M.
D-lactate as a marker of dysbiotic and inflammatory diseases of the lower genital tract in women

Dziadzichkina V.V., Radetskaya L.E.
The use of innate immunity parameters for the assessment of spontaneous premature birth risk


Mazurenko N.N., Zablodsky A.N., Tovstashov A.L., Matyushchеnko O.V.
Duodenogastral reflux and Helicobacter pylori: morphological evaluation in children

Clinical immunology, allergology

Minina E.S.
Pharmacoeconomic effectiveness of intradermal autoserotherapy in children with atopic bronchial asthma


Baitus N.A., Novak N.V.
Experimental study of optical properties of the devitalized teeth on short-wave lighting

Savelyeva N.N.
The phagocytic activity of blood neutrophils in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis of the 1st-2nd degree of severity on the background of parasitoses

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Mikhaylova N.I., Martsinkevich A.F., Rempel A.P.
Automation of photo time and motion studies of the pharmacist’s labour process at the chemist’s shop

Petrishche T.L., Glushanko V.S., Kugach V.V., Malakhova P.S.
Inaccuracies and errors in doctor’s prescriptions and the ways of their reduction

Case from practice

Myadelets M.O.
Granulomatous perioral dermatitis

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Shchastny A.T., Konevalova N.Y., Gorodetskaya I.V., Kabanova S.A., Kugach V.V., Valuy V.T., Serak E.A.
The employers’ evaluation of the quality of educational services provided by VSMU in the system of young specialists training for public health

Gorodetskaya I.V., Zakharevich V.G.
The evaluation of factors positively and negatively influencing the students’ academic achievements



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