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"vestnik vsmu" 2019  vol 18  №4


Belyaeva L.E., Pauliukevich A.N.
The early programming of human diseases and the application of nutraceuticals for their prevention: focus on fish oil. Literature review. Part I

Vykhrystsenka L.R., Schastlivenko A.I., Prakoshyna N.R.
The immune system impact on the development of arterial hypertension. Literature review

Tkachenko A.S.
Inflammasomes and pyroptosis of intestinal epithelial cells: their contribution to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis


Goncharova A.I., Okulich V.K., Ziamko V.Y., Senkovich S.A.
Antimicrobial activity of lysozyme as a nonspecific resistance factor

Internal medicine

Pryshchepenka V.A.
Blood serum enzymatic activities for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of chronic diffuse liver diseases

Dikareva E.A.
The influence of antisecretory therapy adherence on the risk of the development of gastropathy induced by the administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents


Khokha R.N.
Risk factors of bronchial asthma development in children residing in Grodno region


Pabiarzhyn V.V.
Changes in the expression of markers in the glioma tissue of rats with ascariasis


Muzhychenka U.А., Kirpichenka A.A.
Harmful consequences of alcohol use by female adolescents: topical issues of diagnosis and treatment


Kaban’kov A.V., Ivanov A.S., Mnatsakanov S.S., Rumakin V.P., Reznichenko A.S.
The peculiarities of the guided bone tissue regeneration on using resorbable membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol with the addition of C

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Klimashevich V.B., Kazyuchits O.A., Zhebentyaev A.I., Gudovich V.V., Nasennikova E.E.
Technological aspects of the pharmaceutical development of the ranolazine-based drug

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Lollini V.A., Velichinskaya O.G., Dikareva E.A.
Ethics committees and their role in the sphere of medical technologies


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