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Lyakhovskaya N.V.
Rotaviral infection: clinical features, efficacy of treatment

Abstract. The comparative analysis of the clinical course of monorotaviral infection (MRVI), mixed rotaviral and bacterial infection (RVI/BI) and rotaviral infection developed against the background of some other accompanying infectious or somatic pathology (RVI/SP) has shown that RVI/BI is reliably more freguently (р<0,001) accompanied by the large intestine lesion (61,32±4,75%), more expressed and prolonged fever and diarrhea if compared to monoinfection. The clinical course of RVI/SP is characterized by the subacute onset, less expressed and prolonged fever and general intoxication, as well as more expressed and prolonged intestinal syndrome and higher frequency of pathologic admixtures detection in stools as compared with MRVI.
Recommendations on pathogenetic therapy of rotaviral infection are given; the schemes of antibacterial therapy of rotaviral infection accompanied by the signs of invasive diarrhea caused by the joining of bacterial flora are also proposed.
Key words: rotaviral infection, mixed rotaviral and bacterial infection, nosocomial rotaviral infection, antibiotics.

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