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Gusakova E.A., Gorodetskaya I.V.
The effect of the changed thyroid status on body resistance at different stages of stress reaction

Abstract. In the experiments on 130 mongrel male rats realization of the protective effect of iodine-containing thyroid hormones (ITH) at all stages of stress reaction caused by «free swimming in a cage» (FSC) for 1 hour was proved. The administration of mercazolil (25 mg/kg, 20 days) forestalled the increase in the relative weight of the adrenals (RWA), aggravated the decline in the relative weight of the spleen (RWS), thymus (RWT),  damage to the gastric mucosa (GM), and resulted in the reduction of animals’ swimming time at the alarm stage of stress reaction (1 hour after FSC), eliminated the normalization of these parameters at the stage of resistance (48 hours after FSC) and specified their greatest changes and the death of rats at the stage of exhaustion (10 days of FSC for 1 hour). The administration of L-thyroxin (1,5-3,0 mkg / kg for 28 days) per se increased the time of swimming, at the stages of alarm and exhaustion it limited the increase of RWA, the reduction of RWS and RWT, damage of GM and specified the higher swimming time, at the stage of resistance – helped to maximally stabilize the studied parameters and prevented the death of rats. The obtained data testify to the importance of ITH in the formation of adaptation of an organism at all stages of stress reaction.
Key words: thyroid status, body resistance, stress.

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