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Vykhristenko L.R.
Low-dose oral allergovaccine AV-1P for the treatment of patients with atopic bronchial asthma: the efficacy and safety

Abstract. The main purpose of this research was to study the efficacy and safety of the homeopathic medicinal agent «Low-dose oral allergovaccine AV-1P» (producer – «Dialek», Minsk) containing home dust mite allergens for the use in  treatment of patients with atopic bronchial asthma compared with standard pharmacotherapy.
A randomized, open prospective parallel-group study of 55 patients suffering from atopic bronchial asthma was performed. The studied group included 33 patients who received low-dose oral allergovaccine AV-1P, the second group was composed of 22 patients who got standard drug treatment for atopic bronchial asthma.
As a result oral intake of allergovaccine helped reduce (p=0,03) bronchial asthma symptoms (inquiry form AST), contributed to the decrease in the need for S2-agonists by 30,5% (p<0,001) and inhaled glucocorticosteroids by 50% (p=0,1), reduction in the quantity of asthma exacerbations, improvement in the quality of asthmatic patients life (inquiry form AQ20), (p<0,001). Excellent results were obtained in 16% of cases, good - in 71%, satisfactory - in 13%; there were no unsatisfactory results. Complex treatment, including allergovaccine administration and pharmacotherapy for asthma was more effective than standard pharmacotherapy alone in atopic bronchial asthma (p<0,05). The study proved the high safety of low-dose oral allergovaccine.
Thus low-dose oral allergovaccine AV-1P is an effective, safe and convenient drug to be used. The intake of  low-dose oral allergovaccine AV-1P combined with pharmacotherapy significantly improves the efficacy of treatment for atopic bronchial asthma.
Key words: low-dose oral allergovaccine, atopic bronchial asthma, еfficacy, safety.

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