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Savelikhina I.A., Ostrovsky N.N.
The peculiarities of functional disturbances of external respiration in patients with the third stage of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the course of complex treatment with roflumilast

Abstract. The peculiarities of the disturbances of external respiratory function (ERF) in patients with the third stage of COPD, who received roflumilast are presented. We examined 151 patients with the third stage of COPD. Verification of the diagnosis and its formulation were performed on the basis of the order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health №128 dated 19.03.2007 «On the approval of clinical protocols of medical care provision in the specialty «Pulmonology». The examination was perfomed prior to and on the 30th, 90th and 180th days of standard treatment combined with roflumilast.
The analysis of aggregate results showed that the highest efficacy was observed in patients who took  roflumilast during 180 days, for in this very period external respiratory function parameters maximally increase.
Key words: chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, roflumilast, external respiratory function.

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