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Usovich A.K.
Microvascular-glandular-muscular complexes of the human prostate in ontogenesis

Abstract. The objective of the study was to determine the regularities of structural organization of microvascular formations near glands in anatomical lobules (areas) of the human prostate in ontogenesis.
103 human prostates served as a material for the investigation. The methods of the study included anatomical, histological, histochemical, morphometric and statistical ones.
Intraorganic hemomicrovascular bed of the prostate is formed in accordance with the development of the main structural components of the organ, it has organospecific characteristics changing during the periods of transformation of the organ structures.
Thus microvascular-muscular complexes characteristic of muscular organs function in the frontal fibromuscular stroma of the prostate during ontogenesis. The structure of microvascular complexes around terminal parts of the glands of all the lobes of the prostate images morphofunctional state of not only glands but also periacinar muscular tissue and allows to specify them as microvascular-glandular-muscular complexes.
Key words: microvascular bed, capillaries, glands, muscular fascicles, prostate.

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