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Pechersky V.G.
The spread of 30 ml solution of local anesthetic in the femoral nerve blockade and the blockade of lumbar plexus branches «3-in-1»

Objectives. To determine distal spread characteristics of local anesthetic in the femoral nerve blockade and the blockade «3-in-1» as well as the peculiarities of the spread of local anesthetic cranially from the inguinal ligament in blockade «3-in-1».
Material and methods. Patients were divided into two groups: group A - femoral nerve blockade, group B - blockade «3-in-1». All blockades were performed with local anesthetic solution in the volume of 30 ml using the ESP and ultrasound guidance. The character of the local anesthetic spread along the femoral nerve above and below the inguinal ligament was controlled.
Results. In group A the spread of local anesthetic occurred 8 (8, 9) cm distally from the site of injection. In group B (blockade «3-in-1») the anesthetic spread after the cessation of compression occurred 3 (3, 4) cm distally from the injection site, see. Between groups reliable differences were obtained at p<0,001.
Conclusions. In the blockade «3-in-1» local anesthetic spreads around and along the femoral nerve. Ultrasound signs of local anesthetic spread medially and laterally under the iliac fascia were not received.
Key words: femoral nerve, block «3-in-1», ultrasound guidance, the spread of local anesthetic.

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