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Hreben M.I., Yaromenka Y.E., Karnialiuk V.A., Kаtovich Н.N.
Morpho-functional state of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity after surgical treatment
Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Vestnik VGMU. 2018;17(5):66-73.

In the presented research, the morpho-functional state of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity after surgical treatment was studied. The respiratory function of the nasal cavity and rhinoscopic picture after surgical treatment are restored much faster than the functional state of the nasal mucosa: the nasal cycle amplitude and mucociliary transport. The endoscopic picture and the respiratory function of the nasal cavity significantly improved in 77,5% of the patients in 1 month after surgery, with the complete recovery in all the patients in 3 months after surgery.
In the early postoperative period (after 7 days) the pronounced increase in the saccharin time (mean value 32,5±1,7 minutes) was revealed, which was caused by the operative injury and the inflammatory and reparative processes caused by it. In 1 month after the operation, the average value made up 22,2±1,2 minutes, the recovery continued during 3 months after the operation and this value reached 15,9±3,4 minutes. Thus, the function of the mucociliary transport was restored in 87,5% of the patients only in 3 months after the surgical intervention.
The absence of the nasal cycle in the early postoperative period (up to 7 days) and in 1 month after the operation was revealed. In 3 months after the surgical treatment the amplitude of the nasal cycle was restored in the majority of patients (91,7%) (p<0,05). The species of the nasal cycle and its duration after the operation did not change, the non classical two-sided fluctuating nasal cycle predominated, which confirms the leading significance of the vegetative nervous system in the generation of the cyclic changes.
Key words: morpho-functional state, mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, nasal cycle, postoperative period.


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Information about authors:
Hreben M.I. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology;
Yaromenka Y.E. – Doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor, head of the scientific-research department, Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology;
Karnialiuk V.A. – postgraduate, Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology;
Katovich H.N. – research officer, Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology.

Correspondence address: Republic of Belarus, 220113, Minsk, 45 L. Bedy str., 119. E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. – Volha A. Karnialiuk.

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