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Zykova O.S., Sobolevskaya I.S.
Epidermal lipids of psoriatic plaques: clinicomorphologic correlations
Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

Vestnik VGMU. 2018;17(5):58-65.

The results of the investigation of the epidermis lipid structure in biopsy specimens of psoriatic plaques from patients with uncomplicated and complicated (psoriatic onychodystrophy, arthropathic psoriasis) psoriasis, performed by a histochemical method are presented in this article. The identification of neutral and polar lipids in the epidermis is made with the help of the histochemical method using the Nile Red fluorochrome and fluorescence and laser confocal microscopes. There were 4 variants of structural disturbances in the composition and distribution of neutral and polar lipids, both in the epidermis as a whole and within the epidermal layers. The revealed types of disorders were combined with clinical variants of psoriasis, corresponding to the ordinary clinical form without complications, and the presence of psoriatic onychodystrophy or arthropathic clinical form of psoriasis. The results of the research are aimed at objectivizing the rationale for the purposeful diagnosis and treatment of arthropathic psoriasis in the early stages of its development, as well as planning the measures of medical rehabilitation in dermatovenerologic and general medical practice.
Key words: psoriasis, psoriatic onychodystrophy, arthropathic psoriasis, epidermal lipids neutral and polar.


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Information about authors:
Zykova O.S. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor of the Chair of Dermatovenerology, Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University;
Sobolevskaya I.S. – Candidate of Biological Sciences, associate professor, doctoral candidate of the Chair of Histology, Cytology & Embryology, Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University.

Correspondence address: Republic of Belarus, 210009, Vitebsk, 27 Frunze ave., Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University, Chair of Histology, Cytology & Embryology. E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. – Irina S. Sobolevskaya.

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