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"vestnik vsmu" 2010  vol. 9 №1


Zubareva I.V., Berenshteyn T.F., Fedyanin S.D.
On adhesion of gram-positive cocci


Kozlovsky V.I., Seroukhova O.P., Akulyonok A.V.
The expediency of aspirin administration in patients with arterial hypertension for prevention of cardiovascular system lesions

Sivakov V.P.
The indices of the heart rate and cardiac rhythm variability in arterial hypertension: modern views on investigation methods, clinical and prognostic value (Part 1)

Internal medicine

Marshalko O.V.
Clinical value of Helicobacter pylori persistence in the sites of gastric metaplasia of the duodenal bulb mucosa in ulcer

Satyrova T.V., Mikhaylova E.I., Osipenko A.N., Osipenko N.B., Vasenda M.N.
The variability of N-acetyltransferase phenotype in patients with ulcerative colitis

Palguyeva A.Y., Litvyakov A.M.
Subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with inflammatory diseases of the joints

Poplavets E.V., Nemtsov L.M.
The significance of transforming beta growth factor in gastrointestinal tract diseases

Allergology and immunology

Novikov D.K., Karpuk I.Y.
The revealing of cell sensibilization to local anesthetics in patients with allergopathology

Karpuk I.Y.
Diagnosing of allergy to local anesthetics in the response of antigen induced injury of leucocytes

Obstetrics and gynecology

Zhukova N.P., Deykalo N.S., Arestova I.M., Kiseleva N.I., Kozhar E.D.
Organ saving methods of treatment for leiomyoma of the uterus


Asiryan E.G.
The correlation between specific antibodies to food allergens in children with atopic dermatitis


Nikitina E.V.
The influence of diazepam on indices of cellular and humoral links of immunity in the preoperative period

Yermashkevich S.N.
Rational use of antibiotics in patients who have undergone resection of the stomach for ulcer disease


Frolova A.V.
Ethereal oils as promising sources on the development of antimicrobial agents for topical treatment of purulent wounds


Kunitsky V.S., Semenov S.A., Kulikov A.V.
Treatment of nasal bones fractures


Kuchko I.V., Semenov V.M., Budritsky A.M.
Clinical and immunological substantiation of vaccine prophylaxis of influenza in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Ecology and hygiene

Miklis N.I.
Antimicrobial efficacy of antiseptic «VITASEPT-SKI» for preventive purposes

Shevchuk L.M.
Substantiation of hygienic criteria used for the estimation of the industrial enterprises as sources of atmospheric air pollution for correction of the size of sanitary – protective zones


Korenevskaya N.A., Gorodetskaya I.V.
The condition of marginal periodontium tissues under chronic stress depends on organism’s thyroid status

Botany and pharmacognosy

Lyubakovskaya L.A., Yakovleva O.A.
Phenol сompounds of the lilac in vivo and in the сulture in vitro

Yakovleva O.A., Lyubakovskaya L.A.
Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of the lilac of the kind «M. Sholokhov» in vivo and in vitro

Public health

Donisevich A.A.
Dynamics of the basic health indices of the population of Minsk region

Medical psychology

Tserkovsky A.L.
The peculiarities of the attitude of medical students towards themselves

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Deykalo V.P., Konevalova N.Y., Kuntsevich Z.S., Shchupakova A.N., Semenov V.M., Sergievich A.V.
Pedagogical diagnostics of the teaching process quality at the medical university

Poluyan Y.S., Sachek M.G., Blednov A.V., Moskalev K.V., Sachek K.V., Fedyanin S.D., Kovalenko A.A., Shturich I.P., Yermashkevich S.N., Kuznetsov E.V., Kosinets V.A., Vykhristenko K.S., Derkach V.V.
Rating system to evaluate the knowledge of the fifthyear medical students in hospital surgery

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