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Sending of manuscripts

Two printed copies of the manuscript are sent to the editorial staff. Article text and image files must be submitted by e-mail or on CD-ROM.
Articles are accepted by the editorial staff if institution references and director’s authorization are provided. Presenting the manuscript to the editorial staff the authors are obliged to specify on the title page the information about either presence or absence of conflict of interest; to inform editorial staff about the source of research support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs; to ensure in the cover letter that they do not receive any compensation in any form from the manufacturers of drugs, medical equipment and supplies, including competitors, who may influence upon the research results. Authors must provide the information about the presence of a sponsor and its role in determining the structure of the research structure, the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, in the description of the research; and in decision to submit the text for publication. At the request of the editorial board, the authors are required to submit additional information to assess the impact of sponsors upon the research. The editorial staff have to be informed about the articles containing the results of their research.

A cover letter must be attached to the manuscript. The cover letter (signed by all the authors) must confirm the fact that the manuscript has never been published, it is not currently located in the wording of any other journal, and that the authors give the copyright to the publisher in case of publication of accepted manuscripts. The letter also reflects the participation of each author in the creation of this article. Xerox copies of copyright certificates, patents, innovation certificates must be attached to the letter. Xerox copies of permit of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (Ministry of Health of the CIS countries) for new methods of treatment, new drugs and medical equipment (diagnostic and therapeutic) must be submitted. Supporting documentation may be sent by mail or scanned and sent by e-mail.

Manuscripts that do not conform to the rules are not accepted by the editorial staff, the authors are informed of this fact. Correspondence with authors is carried out only by e-mail.

The procedure of reviewing and publication

The manuscripts of scientific papers received by the editorial office are registered, undergo initial expert evaluation and reviewing.

1. Primary expert evaluation is carried out by an executive secretary. In primary expert evaluation supporting documentation is considered, the relevance of a scientific article to the journal's profile, rules and registration requirements set by the journal are evaluated. The journal is using "ANTIPLAGIAT" software for plagiarism detection in all Russian-language manuscripts.

When the manuscript correspond the profile of the journal, the rules and requirements it is adopted and sent to the reviewing, in the case of non-compliance the manuscript is  rejected without further reviewing.

2. All articles received by the editorial staff are subjected to peer review. Manuscripts are reviewed by independent experts. A reviewer is appointed by the chief editor (a deputy chief editor) from the members of the editorial staff of the journal, the Editorial Board. Leading experts of the Republic of Belarus and the CIS, having an academic a degree, may be engaged as reviewers. If it is necessary, additional reviewers who are experts in specific areas may be appointed. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publications on the reviewed subject within the last three years. Reviewing is conducted confidentially. Reviewing  term is one month.

Reviewers submit their review, which must reflect the urgency of the research, the completeness and accuracy of the data presented, the degree of novelty of the results, their scientific and practical significance, economic and social value as well as valid conclusions towards the article as a whole, remarks, and if it is necessary - recommendations for improvement. The author of the article may familiarize with the text of the review. The originals are stored in the review editorial office for five years.
If requested by Expert Councils the copies of reviews are submitted to the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Republic of Belarus, of the Russian Federation, and of the Ukraine.

3. The editorial staff send the reviews of manuscripts to authors in electronic or written form without identifying the expert who carried out the review. Authors have the right to specify in the cover letter the names of experts who, in their opinion, should not be sent their manuscript for reviewing because of possible, as a rule, professional conflict of interests. This information is strictly confidential and is taken into account when organizing a reviewing procedure.

4. Within a month the author must submit the corrected manuscript to the editorial staff, which is sent for re-reviewing. After receiving approval from the reviewers the final decision on publication is made up by the editorial board. In case of disagreement with the opinion of reviewers, the author is entitled to give a reasoned response to the editorial board, which will be considered by the editorial board. The author’s inability or unwillingness to take into account the remarks and recommendations of reviewers is the reason for the rejection of the article from further consideration.
In cases of a dispute, the article can be sent for further review to an additional reviewer. At a meeting of the editorial board in deciding on the admission of an article for publication all received reviews and the answers of the author are considered. In the case of three negative reviews a manuscript is no longer considered by the editorial board.

5. After adoption an article for publication by the editorial board the executive secretary informs the author and specifies the terms of publication. In case of refusal to publish an article authors are sent denial letter with reasons given.

6. The editorial staff have the right to shorten the published material and to adapt it to the columns of the journal. Prepared for publishing text of the article, with the corrections made by the editorship, is sent to authors for approval in PDF format by e-mail. The author's corrections and confirmation must be submitted to the editorial office within 5 days. After this period the editorial staff consider the author’s approval of the text.

7. The articles are published in order of accession, taking into account the timing of completion of manuscripts by authors after peer review. Scientific articles of undergraduates (including the articles prepared in co-authorship) meeting all the requirements concerning scientific publications are published out of turn.

Advertising articles and articles financed by manufacturers and/or their distributors are not accepted.

The authors are sent an electronic copy of the published article in PDF.


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