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"vestnik vsmu" 2010  vol. 9 №2


Bekish V.Ya., Gidranovich V.I., Bekish L.E., Konevalova N.Y., Zorina V.V., Pashinskaya E.S.
The influence of parasites on the organism of mammals and human beings in pregnancy


Zverinsky I.V., Melnichenko N.G., Poplavsky V.P., Telegin P.G., Lis R.E.
Morphofunctional changes in the liver of rats on the administration of celandine alkaloids

Razvodovsky Y.E., Smirnov V.Y.
Influence of amino acids compositions on free amino acids pool of myocardium in subchronic alcohol intoxication


Generalov I.I., Dmitrachenko T.I., Zheleznyak N.V., Stychnevskaya E.V., Zykova O.S., Generalova A.G., Zherulik S.V.
Abzymes with proteolytic and nuclease activities in viral infections

Pathological anatomy

Lesnichaya O.V., Krylov Yu.V., Semenov D.M., Grib A.K.
The processes of cellular restoration and their interrelation with herpes simplex virus infection in heavy degree cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cancer of the uterus neck


Kozlovsky V.I., Dubas I.O., Akulyonok A.V.
The comparison of the incidence of some infectious respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in the district served by polyclinic N2 of the town of Vitebsk

Antonysheva O.V., Kozlovsky V.I.
Personality profile, anxiety and depression states in patients with arterial hypertension

Osmolovsky A.N.
Reposition of endocardial electrode in the cavity of the right ventricle on spontaneous termination of temporary electrocardiostimulation

Babenkova L.V., Osmolovsky A.N.
Postconversion asystole of the heart ventricles in patients with myocardial infarction and the possibilities of its prevention

Sivakov V.P.
Standard loading tests - focus on arterial hypertension

Internal medicine

Palguyeva A.Y., Litvyakov A.M.
Rheumatoid arthritis as a risk factor of early atherosclerosis development

Allergology and immunology

Vykhristenko L.R., Yanchenko V.V., Dudko N.V., Tsymanovich S.G.
The research of low-dose oral AV-1P and AV-2P allergovaccines quality

Smirnova O.V., Vykhristenko L.R., Yanchenko V.V.
Modern aspects of immunorehabilitation of bronchial asthma

Obstetrics and gynecology

Divakova T.S., Loban E.I., Plenina L.V.
The peculiarities of steroid and albuminous hormone levels in pregnant women with low placenta site

Lysenko O.V., Smirnova I.V.
Medicosocial characteristic of women referred for extracorporeal fertilization and the analysis of unsuccessful attempts

Mozheyko L.F., Novikova E.V.
Changes of immune and prooxidant-antioxidant statuses in teen-agers after artificial interruption of pregnancy

Adel Buktor
The disturbance of venous blood flow in small pelvis and of the emotional state of women with chronic pelvic pain


Shereshik T.S., Sheybak L.N., Doroshenko E.M.
Precursors and catecholamine degradation products in umbilical cord blood serum of full-term neonates and adaptation after birth


Shlyakhtunov E.A., Lud N.G., Solodkov A.P., Khotetovskaya Zh.V.
The peculiarities of endothelium function in secondary lymphedema of the upper limb in patients with breast cancer

Ecology and hygiene

Shevchuk L.M., Naumenko T.E.
Using differentiated scale of the estimation of the class of danger of the enterprise for the substantiation of actions aimed at the protection of health of the population against the influence of polluting substances in the atmospheric air

Infectious and parasitic diseases

Logvinenko S.M.
Eradication of infectious diseases during the liberation of Belarus in the period of the Great Patriotic war

Zorina V.V., Gidranovich V.I., Konevalova N.Y., Bekish V.Ya.
Embryotoxic effect of migrating ascariasis on specific treatment of host invasion during pregnancy

Semenov V.M., Bekish V.Ya., Konevalova N.Y., Bekish L.E., Gidranovich V.I., Zorina V.V.
The method of combined treatment for ascariasis in human beings with antihelminthic agent coupled with ibuprofen and vitamins antioxidant complex with selenium


Frolova A.V., Buzuk G.N., Petrov P.T., Dunets L.N., Isaychuk D.V., Dubinchik D.A.
The influence of packing type on the preservation of sterility and pharmacological activity of «PhytoMP» remedy

Forensic medical examination

Denisenko A.G.
The determination of the neutrophilic leukocytes functional activity for establishing the remoteness of death

Medical psychology

Devyatykh S.Y.
Psychological characteristics of motivation of sexual abstinence in adolescence (using the students as an example)

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Belyaeva L.E., Shebeko V.I.
The results of introduction of innovation form of the operated self-dependent students’ work into the teaching process at the chair of pathophysiology

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