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Solkin A.А.
The efficacy of interval normobaric hypoxytherapy use in patients with ischemic stroke in the recovery period

Abstract. Interval normobaric hypoxytherapy (INH) was used in complex treatment of 46 patients with ischemic stroke during the recovery period. The control group consisted of 52 patients who had survived ischemic stroke and were given standard therapy. The use of INH in complex treatment led to the increase of spectral power of alpha activity, beta-1 activity and to the decrease of spectral power of delta activity that was indicative of a significant improvement of the functional state of the patients brain.
The use of interval normobaric hypoxytherapy in patients with ischemic stroke during the recovery period in the middle of the treatment course (initial stage of adaptation to hypoxia) caused compensatory mechanisms tension, that is, an increase in the concentration of the stress-hormone cortisol in the blood serum. At the end of the course of treatment restoration of the hormonal status to the base-line values was observed that testified to the formed adaptation to hypoxia.
Key words: recovery period of ischemic stroke, interval normobaric hypoxytherapy.

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