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Gorodetskaya I.V., Zagnoyko E.A.
VSMU students’ attitude to the use of rating system of knowledge assessment

The results of the questionnairing of 660 students of medical, pharmaceutical and stomatological faculties of VSMU have been analyzed. The students’ opinions about the necessity of using their rating results while deciding on an over-all mark in the record-book, and about the influence of the rating mark on the final examination mark, as well as the students’ suggestions concerning the improvement of the rating system of knowledge assessment have been generalized. It has been established that the majority of the students of all faculties consider the use of their rating marks expedient while deciding on an over-all mark. The rating marks have raised the final marks at examinations of the students with excellent academic achievement and reduced those of the students with average and low academic achievement. The main proposals of the students concerning the improvement of the rating system of knowledge assessment are: not to use rating marks for the lowering of a final mark, to announce the marks at the end of each lesson, to simplify and make free of charge the procedure of rating mark increasing, not to use the rating system with regard to not specialized subjects, to acquaint the students with their rating marks in due time.
Key words: rating, innovative pedagogics.


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