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Setkina S.B., Khishova O.M.
Biopharmaceutical aspects of drugs technology and the ways of bioavailability modification

This review submits brief characteristics of the main biopharmaceutical factors affecting drugs bioavailability and the directions of their changing with the purpose of bioavailability modification. The review includes the description of several regularities that help to make the evaluation of biopharmaceutical parameters modifying key biopharmaceutical properties of the ready to use drugs and determining active ingredient absorption from the dosage form. The aim of the review was to define the most important biopharmaceutical factors that could affect  active ingredient absorption up to the clinically relevant extent. On the basis of the evaluation of the direction of the biopharmaceutical factors modifying effect the groups of drugs have been identified, in which the changes of biopharmaceutical properties can lead to significant differences in their efficacy and safety profile.
Key words: biopharmaceutical factors, bioavailability, physicochemical factors, excipients, manufacturing process.


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