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Moroz N.V.
Ultrasound investigation in the evaluation of the pelvic floor
Education Establishment "Belarusian State Medical University", Republic of Belarus

Objectives. To develop optimal criteria for the evaluation of the pelvic floor status with ultrasound in case of «normal» perineum and incompetence of the pelvic floor of different degrees, to substantiate the expediency of ultrasound investigation in the postoperative period for the assessment of the performed operation quality.
Material and methods. Echographic examination of 80 women with prolapse of various degrees has been conducted. The control group consisted of 20 women who gave birth without any signs of the pelvic floor incompetence. The studies were conducted by means of the ultrasound scanners SonoaceX8 and Aloka 3500 with linear sensor LN 5-12 and vaginal sensor 3D4-9ES.
Results. The optimal criteria to evaluate the pelvic floor status using ultrasound have been developed, typical echograms of «normal» perineum and in different degrees incompetence of the pelvic floor have been presented, the expediency of ultrasound study in the postoperative period for the assessment of the quality of the performed operation has been substantiated.
Conclusions. The parameters (criteria) of the normal state of the pelvic floor have been defined. The change of at least one of these parameters indicates incompetence of the pelvic floor.
The obtained results of ultrasound diagnosis of the pelvic floor should be used in the postoperative period to assess the quality of the performed operation.
Key words: pelvic floor, genital prolapse, failure of the pelvic floor muscles.


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