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Shchastny A.T., Rednenko V.V., Konevalova N.Y., Poplavets E.V.
The prospects of introducing the objective structurized clinical examination in Vitebsk State Medical University
Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

Vestnik VGMU. 2017;16(4):111-118.

An effective system of training doctors should include methods of certification of practical competences at their demonstration level, not an explanation. This is ensured by the Objective Structurized Clinical Examination (OSCE) – the most reliable and valid medical specialists’ certification tool, the means of evaluation based on the principles of objectivity and standardization. It enables the trained examiners to assess the examinee’s knowledge according to on standardized assessment scales. OSCE is the most complex and laborious technology of certification, which requires a high level of methodological and technical support, as well as special training of students and examines. The implementation of OSCE will encourage the training and positive by influence the process of education.
Key words: certification, competence, simulation, OSCE, structurired, objective.


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Information about authors:
Shchastny A.T. – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, rector of the Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University;
Rednenko V.V. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor, head of the Educational Centre of Practical Training and Simulation Medicine, Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University;
Konevalova N.Y. – Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, pro-rector for academic affairs, Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University;
Poplavets E.V. – senior teacher of the Educational Centre of Practical Training and Simulation Teaching, Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University.

Correspondence address: Republic of Belarus, 210023, Vitebsk, 27 Frunze ave., Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University, Educational Centre of Practical Training and Simulation Teaching. E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. – Elena V. Poplavets.

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