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"vestnik vsmu" 2021  vol 20  №3


Plotnikov P.V., Movsesyan N.A., Lepteeva T.N., Torosyan T.A., Ziamko V.Y., Ilyin E.A.
Immunity and bacterial biofilms: current status of the matter (literature review)

Anesthesiology and resuscitation

Marochkov А.V., Lipnitski A.L., Starovoitov A.G., Dazortsava V.U., Livinskaya V.A.
Selection and determination of the optimal concentration of the platelet aggregation inducer in intensive therapy of patients with COVID-19 infection


Pashinskaya E.S.
The effect of toxoplasmas on the changes in the expression of BIRC5, ERBB-2/HER2-NEU, GLI, VEGF protooncogenes and the anti-oncogene TP53 in rats in the experiment

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Кarnialiuk V.A.
The experience of nose tampons application with preservation of the nasal respiration function


Pravada N.S., Budritskiy A.M., Seryogina V.A.
The peculiarities of detection and diagnosis of tuberculosis in children and adolescents

Radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy

Bondarenko V.M., Pimanov S.I., Makarenko E.V.
Validization of the most informative techniques for ultrasound diagnostics of visceral obesity


Usialionak G.O., Kirpichenka A.A., Martsinkevich A.F.
The use of implicit associations test for diagnosing alcohol dependence

Shylava M.A., Abramovich A.V.
Epidemiological characteristics of HIV-infected drug users at the stage of becoming a member of the opioid substitution therapy program in the city of Minsk


Assanovich M.V.
Psychometric properties and diagnostic criteria of the scale for positive symptoms assessment – SAPS in patients with schizophrenia


Sychik S.I., Hrynchak V.A., Lappo L.G., Shturych А.А., Lisovskaya G.V., Krymskaya T.P.
Risk assessment for employees using picolinafen-based herbicide


Baitus N.A., Сhernyavski Y.P.
An innovative approach to the treatment of transverse fractures of molar roots

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Kanaplianik О.V., Husakova N.V., Hamaliaka A.V., Kulchyk E.О.
The use of interactive game method in teaching the discipline «Pathological Anatomy»

Tserkovsky A.L., Gapova O.I., Skorikova E.A., Petrovich S.A., Kasyan O.A., Muzhichenko V.A.
Need-motivational component of communicative activities of medical students of VSMU



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