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"vestnik vsmu" 2014  vol 13 №2


Kozlovsky V.I., Simanovich A.V.
Adherence to therapy in patients with the second degree arterial hypertension. Literature review and the authors’ data


Telepneva E.Y., Yankovskaya N.N.
The development of hypocholesterolemia in cholesterolopathias


Gorodetskaya I.V., Gusakova E.A.
The effect of the thyroid status on the system of proteinases / inhibitors in the dynamics of stress reaction


Stepanenko A.Y.
The influence of the skull linear dimensions on the size of human cerebellum

Trushel N.A.
Variations in the structure of circle of Willis in people with cerebral circulation disorders who died from other reasons

Pathologic anatomy

Krylov E.Y.
Economic efficiency of pharmacodiagnosing in breast cancer according to the data of regional pathoanatomical bureaus of the Republic of Belarus

Pathologic physiology

Sergeyeva S.P., Breslavich I.D, Erofeyeva L.M., Gultyayev M.M.
Dynamics and prognostic value of CD3CD95 lymphocytes, soluble Fas receptor and Fas ligand levels in peripheric blood after ischemic insult


Frolova A.V., Kosinets A.N., Okulich V.K.
Wound infection. State of the problem

Kosinets A.N., Frolova A.V., Bulavkin V.P., Okulich V.K.
Antibiotic resistance. New possibilities to antibacterially combat it

Obstetrics and gynecology

Kolbasova E.A.,  Kiseleva N.I., Arestova I.M.
Comparative clinical and hormonal characteristic of health status and life quality of women with surgical and natural menopause


Avramenko T.V., Shevchenko A.A., Gordienko I.Y.
Arnold-Chiari malformation. Prenatal and clinical observations

Infectious and parasitic diseases

Anichkin V.V., Martynyuk V.V.
Method of pericystectomy including antiparasitic treatment of liver tissue with the mixture of glycerol and 1-2% solution of albendazole in dimeksid in patients suffering from hepatic echinococcosis

Skin and venereal diseases

Malyarchuk A.P., Sokolova T.V.
The efficacy evaluation of scabies laboratory diagnosing in the Russian Federation

Allergology and immunology

Velichinskaya O.G.
The comparative study of life quality in patients with various forms of chronic urticaria


Malanchuk V.A., Brodetsky I.S.
Complex treatment of jaws osteomyelitіs in patients with drug addiction

Artemenko T.V., Sakharuk N.A.
The analysis of stomatological health status in patients with endocrine pathology (hypothyroidism)

Vinogradova T.G.
Bad breath – halitosis, its causes and possibilities of treatment


Belay I.M., Mikhaylyuk E.O., Parchenko V.V., Panasenko A.I., Knysh E.G.
The influence of 4-amino-5-(furan-2-il)-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiol on the indices of hepatoprotective activity in alcoholic hepatitis in rats

Eremenko R.F., Kovalev S.V., Maloshtan L.N., Kovalev V.N.
Medicago sativa L. grass extract as a promising corrector of protein metabolism

Adamenko G.V., Burak I.I.
Technology of the production of the combined antiseptic «Vitasept-SKI»

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Menshenina I.А.
Peculiarities of the organization and communicative classification of medical texts

History of medicine

Logvinenko S.M., Pivovar N.V.
Medical and biological museums of Vitebsk: history, modern times, prospects


Kabanova S.A.
International cooperation in the field of stomatological education

Yurkevich A.B.
The evaluation of professional qualification of the pharmaceutical faculty graduates from the position of competence approach

Aid to the educational process

Chernyavsky Y.P.
Introduction of translational medicine conception into the educational process (speciality «Dentistry»)

Turning over the pages of foreign medical publications


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