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"vestnik vsmu" 2018  vol 17  №4


Nemtsov L.M., Yupatau G.I., Gavrilenko L.A., Mlyaviy A.N., Kosinets N.S., Khvoshchyov A.V.
Eosinophilic pathology of the large intestine

Bon L.I., Maksimovich N.Ye.
Methods of neurological disorders estimation in an experiment

Polukhova Sh.M., Musayeva E.M., Huseinova G.A., Kasymova S.V., Jafarova R.A.
Drug-induced hepatopathies


Tkachenko A.S., Zhukov V.I., Gubina-Vakulyck G.I., Nakonechna O.A., Gorbach T.V., Onishchenko A.I., Tkachenko M.A.
Experimental study of carrageenan-induced gastroenterocolitis pathogenesis


Masyuk N.Y., Gorodetskaya I.V.
Characteristics of the thyroid status under the isolated and combined with the cariogenic diet crowding stress

Internal medicine

Pavlyukov R.A., Konorev M.R.
The evaluation of the development risk of gastroduodenal erosions and ulcers, induced by meloxicam intake in H.pylori-positive patients with seropositive and seronegative rheumatoid arthritis


Shliakhtunou Y.A., Semenov V.M.
Adjuvant cytostatic therapy of minimum residual disease in breast cancer


Grynchak V.A., Sychik S.I., Vlasenko E.K., Il’yukova I.I., Afonin V.Y.
The peculiarities of the embryotoxic action of diisononyl phthalate in experiments on laboratory animals

Prosviryakova I.A., Sheuchuk L.M.
Hygienic evaluation of atmospheric air pollution by solid particles on the example of enterprises for manufacturing building materials

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Samsonova I.V., Burak G.G.
The establishment and development of interdisciplinary relationships in the clinical thinking formation on the basis of academic competences in higher medical educational institutions

Kulbashna Y.A., Kabanova S.A., Kabanova A.A., Lytovchenko N.M.
Modern risks of the professional activity of higher medical school teachers in the aspect of the burnout syndrome formation

Tserkovsky A.L., Blednov A.V., Gapova O.I., Petrovich S.A., Kas’yan O.A., Vazmitsel I.I., Skorikova E.A.
Personality competence as a structural component of the VSMU medical student competitiveness

History of VSMU

Adaskevich U.P.
To the 125th anniversary of Professor I.I. Bogdanovich, the founder of Vitebsk school of dermatovenerology


To the 60th anniversary of Yu.V. Alekseyenko

To the 60th anniversary of L.M. Nemtsov

To the 60th anniversary of G.K. Barkun




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