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"vestnik vsmu" 2020  vol 19  №1


Radeckaya L.E., Dziaikala N.S.
Endometriosis: modern principles of diagnosis and treatment (literature review). Part 2. Surgery

Parkhаmchuk O.Y., Zverko V.V., Grigoryeva E.E., Fomina E.G.
The main allergen of birch pollen Bet v 1: literature review


Gusakova E.A., Gorodetskaya I.V.
The importace of glucocorticoids in organizing the body’s stress reaction

Internal medicine

Ushakova S.E., Aleksandrov M.V., Paykova A.S.
Disorders of blood pressure in orthostasis in patients of older age groups receiving antihypertensive therapy


Zhuravleva L.N.
The significance of the cathelicidin LL-37 level in blood serum and  tracheobronchial aspirate in respiratory distress syndrome and congenital pneumonia in premature newborns

Lemeshko Y.I., Ustsinovich Y.A.
Diagnostic significance of separate risk factors and their combinations in the development of hearing disorders in newborns

Anesthesiology and resuscitation

Dudko V.A., Subotsina K.A., Politov I.V., Lipnitski A.L., Kulik A.S., Marochkov A.V.
The dynamics of the content of C-reactive protein in blood serum during anesthetic management of surgical interventions

Traumatology and orthopedics

Khadzkou Y.K., Balaboshka K.B., Kubrakov K.M., Usovich A.K., Lovikov D.N.
Comparative efficiency of analgesia methods for total knee arthroplasty

Transplantology and artificial organs

Zybleva S.V., Zyblev S.L.
The dynamics of CD3+CD4+CD8+ T-lymphocytes in kidney transplant recipients in the early and late post-transplantation period


Novak N.V., Baitus N.A.
The identification of complications after intracrown whitening of devitalized teeth

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Adamenko G.V., Miklis N.I., Burak I.I.
Toxicological safety of ethanol containing medicinal agents for preventive antisepsis

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Vykhrystsenka L.R., Sudzibor N.F.
Practice-oriented training of students at the General Practitioner Chair


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