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"vestnik vsmu" 2021  vol 20  №1


Vykhrystsenka L.R., Schastlivenko A.I., Bondarаva L.I., Sidarenka A.V., Muzyka O.G.
Kidney damage in Covid-19 infection

Tilitskaja E.M., Semenov G.V., Dashkevich E.V.
HLA-associated antiplatelet antibodies. Literature review


Asochuk S.S., Yakovleva O.S., Martsinkevich A.F., Karpenko E.A.
The dynamics of bone tissue morphologic changes in laboratory rats receiving atorvastatin and α-calcidol during three and six months

Pathologic physiology

Tkachenko A.S., Posokhov Y.A.
The study of the phospholipid bilayer state of cell membranes in leukocytes of rats after oral consumption of E407a food additive


Artsiukh T.V., Sokolova T.N., Astrowskaja A.B.
The resistance peculiarities of E.coli and C.albicans clinical isolates forming a biofilm


Hotim O.A., Anosov V.S., Sychevskii L.Z.
Comparative analysis of the results of surgical treatment for bone cysts in children

Yanushko V.A., Klimchuk I.P., Kordzakhia G.E., Popel G.A.
Multifocal atherosclerosis: surgical treatment of combined atherosclerotic lesion of the carotid and main arteries of the lower extremities

Obstetrics and gynecology

Kolbasova E.A., Kiseleva N.I., Naumov A.V.
Sulfur-containing amino acids and their metabolite derivatives in women with climacteric syndrome in post-menopause

Radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy

Haurylenka D.I., Damantsevich V.A., Filustsin A.E., Damantsevich A.V.
Lung ultrasound in patients with Covid-19 infection associated pneumonia

Public health and health service

Yefremova L.A., Korobov G.D., Glushanko V.S.
Clinical and epidemiological analysis of the relationship between occupational bronchopulmonary pathology and work experience at flax processing enterprises

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Avseiko M.V., Yarantseva N.D.
Chemical method for disposal of pharmaceutical waste of angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor group

Case from practice

Prudnikov A.R., Yanchanka U.V., Sidarenka V.F., Nikolskaya V.V.
Clinical case of secondary immunodeficiency against the background of acquired hypercholesterolemia


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