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"vestnik vsmu" 2016  vol 15 №3


Korenevskaya N.A.
Biocompatibility of composite filling materials

Zimatkin S.M., Markavets N.I.
Comparative anatomy of the liver and bile ducts of humans and rats

Human anatomy

Kuz’menko Y.V.
Cephalometric characteristics of men and women aged 17-24 years


Klymenko A.V., Bilai A.I., Klymenko V.N.
The evaluation of the treatment results of the patients with inguinal hernia by the method of extraperitoneoscopic hernioplasty

Bogdanovich A.V., Shilenok V.N., Zeldin E.Y.
Structure and tactics of the treatment of bleedings from the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract

Infectious diseases

Usychenko E.N., Bazhora Y.I., Usychenko E.M.
Genetic profiles of patients with chronic hepatitis C and B

Clinical immunology, allergology

Karpuk I.Y.
Allergy to manganese in patients with intolerance to dentoprosthetic materials

Aliakhnovich N.S., Yanchanka U.V.
The effect of provocative test with the allergen on the IgE+CD203c+ blood basophils

Skin and venereal diseases

Tikhonovskaya I.V., Adaskevich V.P., Myadelets V.O.
Cutaneous leishmaniasis: etiology, clinical picture, diagnosing, treatment


Egorova E.S.
Risk factors for the optic nerve secondary atrophy development in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Ivanov S.A., Shlyaga I.D., Rukhlya M.N.
Our experience of allogene cartilage transplantation for the repair of the defects of the lower third of the nose


Kuz’menko Y.V.
Dental caries intensity, prevalence and structure of dentomaxillary anomalies, their connection with cephalometric parameters in men and women aged 17-24 years

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Hudz N.I., Korytniuk R.S.
Aspects of risk identification in the technological process of dextrose-containing solutions for peritoneal dialysis


The role of a scientist, public health organizer, educational specialist in the development of scientific and innovative potentials of the country: to the 70th anniversary of Professor V.S. Glushanko


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