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"vestnik vsmu" 2015  vol 14 №5


A.Y. Krylov, Y.V. Krylov
Androgens and breast cancer (literature review)


S.S. Osochuk, S.V. Buyanova, A.F. Martsinkevich
A method for estimating the probability of atorvastatin and its metabolically active derivatives association with low density and very low density lipoproteins

Human anatomy

D.Y. Fyodorov
Individual anatomic differences of the human dura mater arteries branching

Pathologic physiology

A.N. Fedchenko, L.E. Belyaeva, S.S. Lazuko, I.V. Ligetskaya, E.I. Kovzova
Allostatic load on pregnant rats and the peculiarities of coronary vessels tone regulation of their puberal offsprings

Internal medicine

E.A. Dikareva, E.V. Makarenko, S.I. Pimanov
The estimation of the risk of the development of gastropathy induced by the intake of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs, based on international consensus documents

E.A. Dikareva, E.V. Makarenko, S.I. Pimanov
The prognosis of the development of gastropathy induced by nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

E.L. Katina, M.R. Konorev
Prognostic factors of the gastric polyps recurrence after performed endoscopic polypectomy


V.P. Podpalov, N.S. Balashenko
Cardiovascular system remodelling and biochemical parameters in patients with arterial hypertension of the 1st-2nd degree combined with atherosclerotic lesion of carotid arteries


S.D. Fedyanin, V.E. Shilin
The determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration of dioxydin for the leading causative agents of surgical infections

Infectious diseases

O.A. Golyuchenko
The substantiation of a method to evaluate individual predisposition to acute respiratory infections in children of the dispensary observation group «frequently ill children»


I.G. Massarsky, N.N. Abolmasov, I.A. Adayeva, V.K. Kovalkov, A.A. Solovyev, E.A. Statenina
Clinical and laboratory substantiation of the method used to prepare pulpless teeth  for prosthetics

N.A. Korenevskaya
Mechanisms of increasing the resistance of teeth periodontium and enamel to chronic stress exposure by means of iodine-containing thyroid hormones

N.A. Sakharuk, A.A. Veretennikova, N.I. Zekov
The evaluation of immediate and remote results of endodontic treatment

V.I. Nikolayuk, A.A. Kabanova, E.A. Karpenko
Densitometry in the diagnosing of maxillo-facial area pathologies

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

N.Y. Konevalova, I.V. Gorodetskaya, S.A. Kabanova, V.V. Kugach
The research of professional competence formation in students


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