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"vestnik vsmu" 2017  vol 16 №4


Orujov R.A., Jafarova R.A.
The peculiarities of the toxic effect of petroleum hydrocarbons on the human organism

Gusakova E.A., Gorodetskaya I.V.
The effect of iodine-containing thyroid hormones on peripheral stress-limiting factors

Zherulik S.V., Lud N.G., Generalov I.I.
Clinical implementation of polyclonal catalytic antibodies: possibilities and prospects

Pathologic physiology

Belyaeva L.E., Fedchenko A.N., Lazuko S.S., Ligetskaya I.V., Shemet Y.N.
Resveratrol prevents the disturbances in the behavior of rats which have undergone prenatal stress


Zhylinski Y.V.
The complex method of medical sepsis prophylaxis in severely burnt patients


Tomchyk N.V., Lyalikau S.A.
Using an index of transmural repolarization dispersion for the diagnosis of hemodynamically significant arrhythmias in children with left ventricular false tendons


Hamanovich A.I., Drivotinov B.V.
Viscerovertebral pain syndrome of lumbar osteochondrosis: gender special features

Traumatology and orthopedics

Khadzkou Y.K., Balaboshka K.B.
The role of vacuum drainage in total knee replacement

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Bereznyakov I.G., Levadnaya Y.V.
Antibacterial therapy of tonsillopharyngitis


Miklis N.I., Alekseyev I.S., Doroshenko I.A.
The efficiency of the wound electroformed nonwoven materials on the basis of polyvinyl spirit


Rubnikovich S.P., Fisjunov A.D., Shukevich Y.I.
Biomechanical analysis of a three-dimensional mathematical model of a composite-reinforced stump post

Karpuk I.Y., Novikov D.K.
The significance of eosinophilic cationic protein in the oral fluid of patients with orthopedic constructions bioincompatibility

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Shchastny A.T., Rednenko V.V., Konevalova N.Y., Poplavets E.V.
The prospects of introducing the objective structurized clinical examination in Vitebsk State Medical University

Conference «Innovative teaching technologies in medicine»

Proshchayev K.I., Olenskaya T.L., Ilnitsky A.N.
The role of modern strategy of gerontological education in the development and introduction of biomedical technologies

Zavadskaya V.M., Naumyuk E.P.
Moodle-technologies in the laboratory practical work on the subject «informatics in medicine» for the overseas students

Alekseyenko Y.V., Belyavsky N.N., Lyalik A.I.
The possibilities of using innovative distance teaching technologies in the additional training of doctors

Pikalyuk V.S., Ovcharenko V.V., Malov A.E.
The organization of students’ self-directed work at the Chair of Human General Anatomy in the Crimean Medical Academy

Sazonov S.V.
The numbered histologic specimens in the training and development of practical skills while studying histology at the medical university

Musina A.A.
The formation of professional competences at the Chair of Occupational Hygiene of the Astana Medical University

Konyshko N.A., Kozyrev O.A., Krikova A.V., Zaytseva V.M.
Practical training of specialists with higher medical and pharmaceutical education: innovations of inter-discipline interaction       


To the 80-th anniversary of Y.Y. Rodionov


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