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"vestnik vsmu" 2015  vol 14 №3


Volkova M.V., Kunder E.V., Generalov I.I., Roggenbuck D.
Antiphospholipid antibodies: modern concepts of the pathogenetic action and laboratory determination

Histology, cytology, embryology

Basalay O.N., Kravchuk R.I., Bushma К.M., Mikhalchuk E.Ch., Zimatkin S.M., Sheybak V.M.
Cytoprotective effect of taucine in rats with the damage of nephron glomeruli with corrosive sublimate

Lebedevа E.I.
The dynamics of structural and functional disorders in rats’ liver in experimental cirrhosis

Pathologic physiology

Saturskaya A.S.
Change of tumor necrosis factor-alpha concentration on modelling diffuse cardiosclerosis in rats with different resistance to hypoxia

Internal medicine

Delevskaya V.Y.
The influence of spironolactone on extracellular matrix metabolism in patients with arterial hypertension and concomitant chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Obstetrics and gynecology

Lutsenko N.S., Oleynik N.S., Yevtereva I.A., Shapoval O.S., Potebnya V.Y.
The peculiarities of uterine angioarchitecture in uterine leiomyoma

Syusyuka V.G.
The estimation of dehydroepiandrosterol sulfate role in adaptation mechanisms of the pregnant women with psychoemotional state disorders

Anesthesiology and resuscitation

Osmolovsky A.N., Shevtsova V.V., Antonenko R.V.
The peculiarities of the postanesthetic period in patients with extensive abdominal operations


Kotova O.A., Teslova O.A., Kubrakov K.M.
The peculiarities of pain sensation in patients with vertebrospinal injury sequelae


Krylov Y.V., Lesnichaya O.V., Krylov A.Y., Krylov E.Y.
Immunohistochemical diagnosing of the hormone-receptor status of breast carcinoma with a prognosis of the main trends in antitumoral drug therapy


Vasyuta V.A.
Management of risk factors for optic nerve atrophy development on the basis of a system approach and integrated assessments


Vlasenko E.K., Sychik S.I., Stelmakh V.A., Ilyukova I.I., Grynchak V.A.
The peculiarities of hexyl ester of 5-aminolevulinic acid influence on the reproductive functions of white rats


Kuritsyn A.V., Kutsevlyak V.I.
Stomatological rehabilitation of patients with the use of dental implants under complicated anatomical conditions. Surgical aspects

Technology of drugs production. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. Organization of pharmacy

Veremchuk O.A., Moiseyev D.V.
The investigation of heather shoots tincture safety profile

Pedagogics and psychology of higher school

Shchastny A.T., Rednenko V.V., Konevalova N.Y., Fomin A.V., Poplavets E.V.
State and trend of development of simulation teaching in Vitebsk state medical university


Following the life road with confidence: to the 80-th anniversary of M.A. Nikolsky


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